Essential Oils: A Gift from the Earth for All to Enjoy!

October 19 (Saturday 9:00-4:00)

The Rev. Mooydeen Frees, SCHC, a retired deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Program fee $80 (includes lunch)
Program check-in: 8:30 am Saturday

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Essential oils are for everyone. All ages can benefit from their therapeutic effects. Essential oils give users an alternative to address many run-of-the-mill physical and emotional issues. As an adjunct to Western medicine, the benefits of essential oils are being incorporated in healthcare settings ranging from hospice care to emergency rooms.

This workshop is for those at the beginner to intermediate level of essential oil knowledge. We will be exploring a brief history of human interaction with essential oils, including their use in biblical times; how essential oils work in the body; the benefits and varied uses for a number of essential oils; blending oils to potentiate positive results; using essential oils safely; criteria for purchasing essential oils that will be effective! Come prepared to have fun at this hands-on workshop! You will create two essential oil roller-balls and a spray of your choice to take home.
No essential oils will be sold on this day.

The Rev. Mooydeen Frees, SCHC, is a retired deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. She is a registered nurse and has earned graduate degrees in adult education and pastoral counseling. Mooydeen first became interested in essential oils because of a family predisposition toward auto-immunity and inflammation. Achieving positive results motivated her to want to educate others and share the good news of essential oils!



Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center
46 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922-2812

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